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08 July 2019 - 09 July 2019

Jornada Lechera Proleche in El Salvador

Last 9 & 10 of July the event “Jornada Lechera PROLECHE 2019” was held in the Hotel Crown Plaza in San Salvador (El Salvador). LIVISTO participated with a booth where the commercial team assisted the visitors.

More than 300 people attended the congress, among them students, farmers and veterinarians from all over the country. Representatives of the national dairy industry and feed, machinery, and pharma companies from the sector were also present in the event.
The conferences focused on relevant subjects to the industry such as farm cost effectiveness through efficient feeding, and genetic selection for high production and reproduction of dairy cattle.
As LIVISTO, we’re always by the side of the farmers and breeders in order to bring them solutions according to their needs.