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07 August 2020
Webinar about biosecurity in times of COVID-19
The global pandemic caused by Coronavirus is having a major impact in a lot of sectors, including the livestock sector. Aware of the importance of this situation, LIVISTO is committed to support clients through online training sessions so that they can continue to carry out their work safely. Last 31th of July, LIVISTO’s Technical Service Manager participated in a webinar in Bolivia about biosecurity in times of COVID-19.

After an introduction about what is Coronavirus and how the disease spreads, we presented statistical charts, which showed that cases of COVID-19 in Bolivia were still increasing. The second and main part of the technical talk was focused on practical biosecurity recommendations to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on the farm. Some of these advices are: • All material coming from outside should not enter into the facilities, or at least it should be disinfected, because materials in which coronavirus persists can transmit the infection. • Workers should wash their hands more frequently. They also should practice social distancing and wear a mask if they are close to somebody. • Staff should work in shifts and in stable groups. • If a worker is sick, he should stay at home. In brief, a review of the main precautionary measures against COVID-19 was conducted in order to reduce the impact of the virus. Given that the best way to fight the disease is be well informed, LIVISTO will keep offering these sort of activities to help the livestock sector address the challenges that may emerge and adjust to a new normal.

23 September 2019
Livestock and Poultry formation days in Barcelona
Last 23 and 24 of September we held the seminar “LIVISTO Solutions for Livestock and Poultry”. We received visitors from many countries -Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, and Russia- who travelled to Barcelona in order to attend the training sessions.

Monday’s subject was cattle farming. Our teams from Barcelona and Russia shared their experience in different fields regarding cattle farming such as reproduction programs, antiparasitic protection, or mastitis prevention and treatment. After lunch, we took a tour around the farm in order to learn the particularities of cattle farming in Spain compared to their countries. The farm we visited is certified for Animal Welfare thanks to the good conditions the animals are in. They even play relaxing music to the dry cows so that they are calm and spend more time resting before parturition. It is always interesting for the farmers and veterinarians from other countries to be able to visit farms in different areas in order to compare the different systems and equipments they have. On Tuesday, the topics were pig production and poultry production. During the day we reviewed the most relevant topics in both species and gave a range of solutions to the main pathologies affecting these animals. This kind of events help us to weave stronger links with our customers and also allow us to learn from their needs in their daily practice so that we can bring them new solutions in the future.