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05 December 2019

Presentation of MENBUTIL in El Salvador

Following our divulgation campaign on the radio in El Salvador, LIVISTO took part in an interview in Radio Ranchera at the end of November. The subject chosen for this occasion was the presentation of the product MENBUTIL, indicated to boost digestion in ruminants.

MENBUTIL is a menbutone-based injectable product. It has a choleretic digestive effect that enhances digestion through different pathways.
First, menbutone acts at the stomach increasing pesinogen secretion and thus boosting protein digestion.
On the other hand, it also has an effect on the liver promoting bile secretion, which, in turn, improves the absorption of fat and helps eliminate toxic substances.
Moreover, it simulates pancreatic function, which is related to carbohydrate digestion.
Combining the three effects, MENBUTIL supports the digestion of the three main nutrients present in the diet.