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18 March 2020

LIVISTO - We care about you

Given the current situation with Covid-19 and the new sanitary measures that different countries are now adopting, we‘d like to inform you that our maximum priority nowadays is to maximize our efforts to collaborate with the rest of professional collectives to face and control the virus; a virus that is debilitating the society, our countries and specially to our most vulnerable beings.

At LIVISTO group, belonging to the Animal health sector, we know the importance of our task, so now more than ever we will keep offering our services to our customers, trying to keep the normality as far as possible, to be able keep the health status by providing medicines to the farms and hence guaranteeing the food supply to the population.

This is an unknown challenge for all of us and we are aware that it will be difficult, but we will keep working from our facilities and from our homes with the same passion and commitment to ensure that we are ALONG WITH YOU.