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Transition period

A cow’s transition period is a key time since most of the metabolic and infectious diseases occur then.

Higher demand of energy and nutrients for the synthesis of colostrum and milk coupled with decreased feed intake force the transition cows to undergo negative energy balance (NEB) and micronutrient deficiencies. When metabolism does not meet production demands, incidence of clinical or subclinical metabolic disorders increases. Because innate and acquired immunity are suboptimal during this period, animals are more prone to infection

Proper supplementation at this moment may prevent future diseases and production losses.

CALFOSTONIC is an oral powder composed of water- and fat-soluble vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids, and appetite stimulants especially formulated to cover the extra nutritional needs in the transition period of cows and helps to get back profit from harvesting the animals.

CALFOSTONIC helps reducing negative energy balance and improves body condition reducing open days and incidence of metabolic and infectious diseases thus optimizing reproductive performance, health status, and milk production.

Learn more about CALFOSTONIC and when to use it in the following video: